Reviews for "Windows 59"

Very funny, and even better than XP...

The game is fun to just mess around with the different things to click and stuff. SOOOOOOO I have nationally given this game a THREE STAR wow that is so amazing for you to know right. right. RIGHT. ANSWER ME. oh what you cant answer me because this is my MESSAGE you cant be in it MAWAHAHAHAHAHAH. so any ways Ctnumber you should try to work on some more options fore the game like a ping pong mini game that would be fun. YOU DID A GREAT JOB OVERALL. but I will still give you a 3 star: REASON lack of options/things to do in the game. have a great day.

Ctnumber responds:

Thanks for positive feedback. Also thanks for the Ping Pong idea, I am planning for Windows 89.

Hm, amusing. I'm not giving it higher than a three since it has very little content or interaction. But for what it is, it is funny.

Well it's a cute idea.. And maybe funny at some point.. But I wish it wasn't so "get an achievment for every thing you click on!", maybe could have made it a little deeper.. The only one worth the achievment was the Maze one, in that one you actually had to go do something.. The rest was mostly all "click and close".. xD Oh well, at least you know that you didn't miss anything by having every single achievment x3

Not bad, funny, I believe that both, the whole game and medals (also free points) are a joke
Just to know that "Upgrade to Windows 0002" does nothing on Google Chrome Windows 10