Reviews for "Windows 59"

I got all the Medals IN 5 mins :D

Got all the medals in 1 day. LOL

its alot fun you know , I Hate You CrashClash202

Its really easy to cheat at the maze.
Heres a instruction manual to the badges
Sad Goodbye-click the start button and push "Shut Down" (You'll be clicking start alot)
BSOD-Go to recycle bin, and click "Delete All Files"
Calculator-Click start and click on calculator, then click "BUY NOW"
Flappy Bird-Click My Computer, then choose Flappy Disk.
Internet Explorer Very Fast- Click "Internet Explorer"(Which it turns into Google Chrome, once you hover you're mouse over it) and I BELIEVE type in something, but I think not.
Know More-Click start, than click Windows Media Player, click the play button.
Loser-When you're "Booting It" Click "Dafaq, no!"
Mail-Click start then Outlook.
MSN-Click "The Microsoft Network(Which turns into The Porn Network when you hover you're mouse over it)
Notepad-Click start, than Notepad.
Paint-Same as Notepad, but click Paint.
Printer-Same as Paint or Notepad, but click Virtual Printer
Professional Animation-Click Animation.swf
The Dark Secret-Honestly I forgot this one.
Toaster-Same as Paint, Notepad, or Printer, but click Virtual Toaster.
We Have A Winner-Move your mouse throughout the maze Hint:But you're mouse on the small green button at the start of the maze, and don't hit the sides!

Lol it's so funny