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Reviews for "Windows 59"

Very Good

This is good, but it needs more pizzazz.

When I search on Google and hit on Google Search, it takes me to the link with "undefined".
For when I click on Dafaq? No! it blocks out. Flappy Disk don't you mean flappy bird is funny.
Keep wasting time.
To do
To do
To do, to do, to do, to do, to doooo...

I have no idea! Just kidding! D'oh!


This is how you make a medal collector good sir you did good it was funny to play around with everything i dont know what to say it even has a working google site this my friend this is greatness to me you have made a great game sir congrats you made a good medal collector thats all i can say. With love -TheManOnTheGrounds

The game is fun to just mess around with the different things to click and stuff. SOOOOOOO I have nationally given this game a THREE STAR wow that is so amazing for you to know right. right. RIGHT. ANSWER ME. oh what you cant answer me because this is my MESSAGE you cant be in it MAWAHAHAHAHAHAH. so any ways Ctnumber you should try to work on some more options fore the game like a ping pong mini game that would be fun. YOU DID A GREAT JOB OVERALL. but I will still give you a 3 star: REASON lack of options/things to do in the game. have a great day.

Ctnumber responds:

Thanks for positive feedback. Also thanks for the Ping Pong idea, I am planning for Windows 89.