Reviews for "Windows 59"

Woot!!!!!!!!!!!! l rate 5!

You have a bad Maze Game!

thats a really cool game! you should just add more stuff to do! but still AWESOME game

Well it's a cute idea.. And maybe funny at some point.. But I wish it wasn't so "get an achievment for every thing you click on!", maybe could have made it a little deeper.. The only one worth the achievment was the Maze one, in that one you actually had to go do something.. The rest was mostly all "click and close".. xD Oh well, at least you know that you didn't miss anything by having every single achievment x3

This game showed me what they do at the Microsoft corporation when they don't know what do to...
Here is the review of Microsoft for this game:10/10 You showed how Microsoft works.Joke I really like this game it's very fun when you get bored of other games,just like I do most of the time xD...