Reviews for "Telepoultry"

I thought it was pretty good, but too short.


Agreed it's short. Had a time limit and ya know, this is what I could come up with. But glad you liked it!

There are so many issues with this. Mostly coding problems.

Jump sometimes won't respond, the run doesn't seem to care to stop when I let go of the keys, sometimes, the background is misleading, the gun still makes noise even when it's out of ammo, the wheel in level 6 spins horribly off center, all the sound effects are annoying, why the fuck is there no restart level function? The chicken falls to fast for level 7, level 9 can literally be beat by shooting the egg into the bottom of the oven from where the level starts, 10 can be done in much the same way through the walls. When back and checked, 8 can be beat the same way.

You: "What sound should all the menu options make when moused over? Oh! I know! The most irritating thing I can find!"

Ever hear the phrase "Normalize your audio?" Please research this topic next time you make a game.


You know for a 17 year old kid making games without having any real training and literally starting from ground zero by myself I think your game would have problems as well if you were in the same position. Last time I checked, there was a "restart level". Just because the game is not fine tuned to yours and yours only expectations doesn't mean "There's so many issues with this." I have no problem with feedback both positive and negative but when the feedback isn't constructive but just down right insulting then here is my response to you,

You: "Why do I find this game so irritating? Oh! I know! Because I'm a little bitch who expects everyone to cater to me!"

I bet you are one of those douche bags who double parks.

Ever hear the phrase "Constructive Feedback?" Please research this topic next time you make a review.