Reviews for "Gravity Den"

Haha! Good Job, Denver2003, this is an awesome platformer! 10/10.
Good Controls
Cool Music
Fun Game
Good Artstyle

Denver2003 responds:

Thank you, I appreciate that.

You need to be able to close the high score popup.

Denver2003 responds:

Thank you. You can close the scoreboard using mouse. I will add keyboard support in the next version.

from the first level you've faced us with a very difficult challenge. I gave up on the merciless final star challenges. great job. my neck hurts and my lower back is sore. tense game.

Denver2003 responds:

I'm happy that you find my game that interesting.

Awesome game... Part tetris, part donkey kong... You have to use your brain to solve the puzzles (sometimes quickly) to get the stars, and have to hit fiendishly-precise button combinations/timings to set a fast time (or even get through the level sometimes)...

This kept me thoroughly hooked, and as of this writing, I have all the stars and sit at #6 on the all-time high scores list...

(All I have to say about "much blood!!!" is: YOU BASTARD! THAT ONE TOOK ME LIKE AN HOUR!!! Lol)

There are a couple of niggling things that I don't really consider "drawbacks" as such, but little refinements you might make if you made a commercial version of this game (which I'm sure you could):

1) I remember the controls being a little loopy on a couple of occasions, but I really couldn't tell you how or where, since I was so sucked into trying to beat my high score/get all the stars...

2) Sometimes you can fall from a "crumbling" square, and still get pegged by the spike squares in the row/column beside it. Maybe try making it so that it auto-centres you on the square whenever you land on a "crumbling" square.

3) This last one is a problem in like 9/10 games that have spikes in them, but when you hit the /side/ of the spikes, you die. This just doesn't make any sense at all to me...

Denver2003 responds:

Nice review, thanks. I'm really happy that you've enjoyed my game. I will implement auto-center when i go commercial.)

A good idea, but sometimes the puzzles run themselves in circles.

Shifting gravity in 4 directions is a very cool idea, but the inability to jump kind of screws up some of your instincts you have. For example, there are a few areas where to get through a one block opening you have to shift gravity sideways, but my instincts make me want to just jump up and move in the direction.

I saw poor execution in the Flappy Bird level. To get the key to unlock the button you have to go forward three pipes. And then back three pipes. And then you have to press the button. This same problem is a lot more prominent in the Labyrinth.

I feel like more care should have been put in to the traditional controls. The lack of air control really screws up some jumps in some areas, especially when switching sideways after switching up, there's just momentum that you can't counteract.

I feel some of the "Puzzle Circle Running" could have been solved by having the puzzles take place on one screen, as opposed to scrolling. This especially would have aided the labyrinth leve.

Overall though, I'd say it's a pretty interesting game. In the future I would like to see a sequel or remake with these problems fixed, and at that point it would get a higher score, but at this point I just can't give it more than a 3.

Denver2003 responds:

Thank you for review.