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In a game that I previously rated, I mentioned that there is a slight difference between a good hard challenge and overly frustrating gameplay. While this game can get frustrating, it falls more on the side of a good challenge that makes me WANT to continue playing and try for the all 3-stars.
There's something fun about the way this game is designed. You can either take the overly cautious route and inch along.... or you can go crazy and just fling your character through the air, continually switching up the gravity. Something kind of just... fun about doing things the second way.
Overall, this game creates a nice challenge that doesn't overwhelm the player. All challenges can be dealt with, any little gripes (you fling yourself off of ledges in tight places) can be dealt with, and completing a level just satisfies. Great entry!

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Thank you!


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really nice game! :D love it

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Thank you

Okay so ima little obsessed with this game. When I first started I really enjoyed the fact that you can change direction in midair, for i feel most of these gravity games only allow you to rotate once you hit a wall. With playing it more, that changed from enjoyment to complete hatred, but the good kind. Like the "Ima rape you but totally love our babies" hatred.

But seriously I really do enjoy this game. Graphics are great. Gameplay is challenging yet controllable . Im just beyond impressed. Good work.

Im gonna pretty much play all day until I get all the medals. Definitely Favorited.

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Thanks, I appreciate that

Good job, i like this'
Not boring, Creative levels and Good music
4 stars for this

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Thanks for the review