Reviews for "Gravity Den"

Aright. I finished the game, with three stars on all levels. As you can see from my score, I ejoyed the game. However, there's a few things I want to mention.

Since this game has so much potential, I would have considered making the first levels... No.. Actually adding a few levels before your first levels, apart from the tutorial, that would be slightly easier. I too made a game for this Stencyl Jam (thanks for playing it, btw), and I know that other people won't be as used to the physics/gravity as you, as the developer are. So a few more introductionary levels would have been nice. Also, If possible, I'd have liked if the levels restarted slightly faster after you fly off screen, since at least for me, this happened often. That is just a personal preference though.

You did a really good job with the medals in this game, btw!

Most of the level design was pretty good, although I would have changed the order of some of the levels. However, I've got no examples of such levels anymore; it's not a real issue.

The grafics, are perfect.

I, again, personally, would have liked it if the gravity switched slightly faster when you press one of the 'wads' buttons. As of now, you sometimes had to be very exact, so I'm thankful for my fast reflexes.

Finally, and this is something I almost never say, I think you should have chosen a nother song for this game. Don't take me wrong, I enjoyed the song at first. The issue I have is that the loop is kinda short, and above that, it's extremely repetitive. Also, I would've liked seeing who made the music, or if you made it yourself. Good choice for including a mute button though.

Thanks for a fun gaming experience, and I wish you luck in the contest!

if gravitysoab wasnt hard enough...

Denver2003 responds:

Thank you)

It's difficult to review this game... It's fun for a while and tough as nails, but I had some issues with it. I'll try to be constructive with this.
It's very reminiscent of Super Meat Boy (which I love), but it doesn't feel as... forgiving, I guess? Whereas SMB kept me excited and wanting to see each new level all the way to the end, this game was like that for about 15 stages, then it only kept me playing so I could be done with it. I played the Christmas Tree stage about 30 times before wanting to throw my laptop across the room. When the game requires such precise maneuvers as dropping straight down from a ledge, it is a sin to make the character launch forward if you do more than a feather-tap at a time.
There was also something very strange happening that was really distracting. Sometimes, after switching gravity and landing on a platform, the screen would shake as if I was causing an earthquake. Is that supposed to happen?
I'm now on the Blood Much Blood level and I think this is where I'm calling it quits. It is way too frustrating finally figuring out the pattern for the saw blades, making it to the end, flipping the switch, making it all the way BACK, then getting killed on the way back up only to have to do that all again. It's just not worth it anymore. Backtracking through all that and risking starting over completely is not fun (to me, at least. I'm sure plenty of other people will disagree and that's totally fine). I did really like the game for a while, I thought the stages were creative and very challenging. But it ended after stage 15 or so. I like the style of it. I'll definitely keep an eye out for future games!

Denver2003 responds:

Thank you for such a detailed review. The way Den jumps of a ledge makes the game challenging enough to be considered interesting. Without that feature it will be too easy to pass some of the levels) And yes, the screen is supposed to shake a bit when the hero lands.

YES! finally i play a GOOD game! but its not that i hate every game besides this one.

Denver2003 responds:

Thank you

A quite fun, satisfying, and unique original game. Although it does border on pixel-perfection required at times.

Note: "The Hardest" isn't the hardest level. "Blood Much Blood" is. Those smashy ceiling/floor spikes with off-sync patterns are incredibly difficult to deal with. A bit reminiscent of Meatboy I think.

Denver2003 responds:

Thanks, Meatboy is one of my favorites, it has inspired me in a way to start developing.