Reviews for "Radar Adventure"

This platformer has a fun feel to it and is very reminiscent to some of the games from the Sega Genesis era.
The character, level design, and music reminds me a lot Ristar, which was on the Genesis console.
I do however, wish the appearance of the characters blended more with the backgrounds in a more seamless fashion.
Also, when Radar gets hit or dies, there's not much going on in the audio / fx department to emphasize his demise.
Other than that, this is a fairly solid play.
Keep up the good work!

JackAstral responds:

Thanks! That's exactly the kind of feel I was going for- really glad to hear you liked it.

Great suggestion- I'll add more visual and audio feedback for when Radar dies very soon :)

Smooth and easy-to-get-used-to-movement but I have to say the enemies are way too easy and with a million coins you dont really have to explore. The low difficulty level makes the whole game a cakewalk, well besides the boss, he was fun after 2 spent lives but I think it's a good game and I <3'd you in anticipation for the next episode.

JackAstral responds:

Thanks :) Yeah it is pretty easy, aha.

The next Radar game will be probably be out around June. Thanks for your interest!

The platforming was pretty floaty so getting from point A to point B was a breeze. The enemies were pretty simple and mindless. The shooting may have been a bit slow for my taste and reloading seemed like it added more tedium than strategy. I think I encountered a bug or something though: I had collected enough coins to get five lives, then I fell off the ledge and got a game over. Is that supposed to happen or did the game bug out on me?

ah, this has no likeness of your scratch projects. it still has good graphics. also. that achievement, the motto to the site that started it all. ;)

What's the secret medal about?

JackAstral responds:


It's hidden near the bottom of level 4.

Screenshot; http://s7.postimg.org/xg1c8v6rv/here.jpg