Reviews for "Radar Adventure"

This platformer has a fun feel to it and is very reminiscent to some of the games from the Sega Genesis era.
The character, level design, and music reminds me a lot Ristar, which was on the Genesis console.
I do however, wish the appearance of the characters blended more with the backgrounds in a more seamless fashion.
Also, when Radar gets hit or dies, there's not much going on in the audio / fx department to emphasize his demise.
Other than that, this is a fairly solid play.
Keep up the good work!

JackAstral responds:

Thanks! That's exactly the kind of feel I was going for- really glad to hear you liked it.

Great suggestion- I'll add more visual and audio feedback for when Radar dies very soon :)

Background's movement should be reversed, both galaxy image and snow image.
Boss is nicely done, the rest isn't so great.

JackAstral responds:

I've fixed that up now- thanks for pointing it out!
Thanks for reviewing.