Reviews for "Radar Adventure"

This game was kind of boring. There was very little variety in the enemies and the environments were kind of bland. The levels had a large, expansive feel, which would be good if there was more to do. Basically, you spend a little bit of time stocking up on coins until you get 5 lives and then you have nothing else to do but to search for the gem as soon as possible. The boss level was a nice change of pace, but too little too late at that point. The game was also super easy, especially with the floating free-fall.

It's alright, but not a great game. It works, which is more than I can say for some games.

A good platform with suitable music in the background. Maybe not especially challenging, rather it would be a good relaxator if... ad here is my remark and suggestion of possible fixing: I encountered a problem with walking. Sometimes the game doesn't respond to the keys and when suddenly starts, Radar behaves like the direction key was stucked and no matter what I press he just rushes for his own doom.
Besides that it is a very fine game.

The platforming was pretty floaty so getting from point A to point B was a breeze. The enemies were pretty simple and mindless. The shooting may have been a bit slow for my taste and reloading seemed like it added more tedium than strategy. I think I encountered a bug or something though: I had collected enough coins to get five lives, then I fell off the ledge and got a game over. Is that supposed to happen or did the game bug out on me?

It is good to see that you have improved after leaving scratch (we still miss you). The game was good overall. Dying seemed to be buggy and unpredictable and the boss fight was cheap, but besides that, good game.

JackAstral responds:

Thanks! Good point about dying- I guess you can never really tell if you're going to fall down to a platform below or be re-spawned...I'll look into fixing that up!

Scratch was really awesome- the community and program- but I guess I felt it was time to move on. I might make another scratch project some day though :)

Smooth and easy-to-get-used-to-movement but I have to say the enemies are way too easy and with a million coins you dont really have to explore. The low difficulty level makes the whole game a cakewalk, well besides the boss, he was fun after 2 spent lives but I think it's a good game and I <3'd you in anticipation for the next episode.

JackAstral responds:

Thanks :) Yeah it is pretty easy, aha.

The next Radar game will be probably be out around June. Thanks for your interest!