Reviews for "Merry Melony: Book 1 (pg "

It's about time you came back here!! :D

This one's kinda short. Looking forward to more soon, though. :)

Beautiful art. Could be a bit longer though.

What an awesome form of a comic, animated, abstract; drastically detailed! I was expecting more than a single page though, but it is good. Looking forward to more! And btw, how about a larger resolution? Feels like this could be scaled up a bit without detail lost. Nice work!


Duhreetoh responds:

Thanks! Is there a way to do bigger resolution on NG? I looked for it and couldn't find it. It's made to be viewed much bigger.

A bit disappointing after nearly 9 years waiting, but it's good to hear Merry Melony isn't dead... or at least, gone from existence. And this still looks amazing, I hope to see and perhaps read more about Melony in the future!

It is so undeniably beautiful... but there's just not enough of it.