Reviews for "Merry Melony: Book 1 (pg "

You fell into the Bermuda Triangle, now you're back? A bit sudden....

Your triptych motion comics looks very promising...invokes such emotion, even without music. The color palette is great...and actually, you used really good fluid animation in the first panel. Composition is dope... one minor critique is the speed. Generally (I think) 3-4 seconds is what you need for an audience to read words, so maybe one panel every 5 seconds? Just a thought. Won't matter if you are doing voiceovers. I'm favoriting you and hope more people see this underrated teaser. Can't wait for the release!

Princess Nike The Savage Wife

It's about time you came back here!! :D

This one's kinda short. Looking forward to more soon, though. :)

Beautiful art. Could be a bit longer though.