Reviews for "Merry Melony: Book 1 (pg "

God damn, a real blast from the past right here! So many of us have been waiting since 2005 for you to return Meony to the grounds! I didnt believe it was true when this showed up on my NG home page. My disappointment that this is only a teaser in comic book format is palpable, but over ridden by my absolute exuberance that this came back from the dead, even if the story is going to be different. Cant say as I like that idea, but it's not my place to make that call, its yours as the artist/creator.

Lets see if this takes off, or falls flatter than my hopes in 05 when MM first died of neglect. I have to ask though, why a new story? The first was never finished and so many of us loved what was there in the original animation! Why not work with that instead of a total reboot? Format/style I can understand, but I cant fathom why the new direction in the story....

Waiting with bated breath, just wont hold my breath

Duhreetoh responds:

I'm starting over because I learned a whole world of information about storytelling, art and animation since I first started. You'll find that many of the things that happened in the original will happen in the comic, but in different places. I'm a different person now and want to tell a deeper story while still being true to what people liked. A dozen pages in, tell me if you're still disappointed, and if so, thats on me :)

Beautiful art. Could be a bit longer though.

It is so undeniably beautiful... but there's just not enough of it.

You fell into the Bermuda Triangle, now you're back? A bit sudden....

It's about time you came back here!! :D

This one's kinda short. Looking forward to more soon, though. :)