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Reviews for "Orbital Debris"

Did not move at all because controls did not work. Survived 64 seconds. Internet explorer seems to have control problems.

relaxing music. simple gameplay.

Not bad if you made it under 48 hours. I really like the concept.

Good potential, very good in fact but unfortunately too dull to be called a "game"

Upgrade or perhaps level system could make things more interesting.

Controls don't work at all pressing up and down just makes my screen move does not affect the game whatsoever

funstorm responds:

Hiya, can you tell me what browser and operating system you are using? I'll test it and see if I can fix it :)

This was a really smooth and ambient game. The music, the motion, some beautiful scenery to back it up... twas great. I'm missing some form of highscore feature, but I guess that's not as easy to do with HTML5? The "In space, no one can hear you scream" was a strangely motiving piece of fatality info. :) Nice work!