Reviews for "Summon the Hero"


This was a pretty neat game. I like the way the characters are introduced, already as a fraction, and the castle you can navigate via room. There's plenty of stats and upgrades to keep track of, and plenty of action. Great graphics, midevil music; good fun. Nice work!


TL;DR Good game, hard game, clunky feel, few small bugs, few interface problems, enjoy

This game has great potential! Here is my pro and con list


Fairly unique combat system
(you have to pay to keep your units functional) which always begs the question how expensive a tower really is (aoe units get really cheap if you have a ton of enemies)

Ton of upgrades
and a penalty free reset system allowing for modifcations between levels (one of the many aspects that reminds me of kingdom rush which is not saying that this game doesn't have many original ideas)

Beautiful artwork and smooth animations.


Very poorly discribed
(i.e.: The Tacticians first skill says: " To summon soul to any cell" what is a cell? What does it do exactly? Does it replenish my units? I haven't noticed any difference) Also all the "has a chance to aoe attack" if you are going to add randomness into such a tight fit game(which I do not approve of but thats just my taste :D) please let me know how high the percentage is so I can decide if it is worth it or not.
I still do not know for sure what the plus energy upgrade does(plus max energy for my units or more souls dropped?)

Clunky feel
What I mean by this is what has been partially said a few times in the comments: no unit rotation especially since vertical paths have way fewer options than horizontal (if this were not the case I doubt many people would complain that some towers just go in one or the other direction), units missing, your hero attacking even though the last unit would have still finished off the creep, trying to replenish units in a hurry and instead upgrading or selling them (maybe add a replenish slecetion where you only have to Lclick units).
Spells can not be cast before the first wave Oo? Why? The cooldown is on pause anyhow, I would enjoy not having to rush the gold generation and +range platform asap after the first wave. And please shortcut the spells to 1,2,3

Some upgraded units do not give back as many souls as it says on the tooltip and some standard units give back 29souls even though they were just build (I think this is unintentional but maybe not). I built shamans during the third level whilst a wave was coming and suddenly the creeps changed direction/walked over grass.

I really enjoyed the few hours I put into this game but in the end the stuff that annoyed me kept me from playing it all the way to the end.

Sorry for any typos/bad grammar

It's alright. The enemies in the last couple of levels sometimes get stuck at the spawn. Also, the last level can be beaten on the second wave using no soldiers and losing no lives:
1. Freeze+click bottom skeletons on first wave, let your hero kill the top one
2. Blizzard the bottom mummies on the second wave
3. Dump all energy into totems
4. Win

A nice concept but there are lot of things that need to be tidied up... some of the descriptions are really misleading and nonsensical (tacticians skill) and there's a huge bug where you can get infinite gold through use of the 'undo' button after a battle... ended up with over 35 gold every time i clicked undo! I think it could better but it needs quite a bit of work. 3.5/5