Reviews for "Summon the Hero"

I can't even begin the game cause the "new game" buttons won't even respond.
But I respect the thoughts of others so I'll at least give you something

I found a glitch that let me get full upgrades on level two...

- Buy level one upgrade, keep level two upgrade selected
- Click "undo"
- Now you can buy 4 gold worth of upgrades for 3 gold, and you get 4 gold back again when you hit "undo". You can do this all the way until you are fully upgraded (buy level 3, select level 4, sell, buy 13 gold's worth for 6 gold, sell again for 13). Basically an accidental "infinite money cheat".

(only works in "Forge" and "Tower of Magic")

Oh, and it would be nice to have tooltips for the spells during a battle. I had no idea what the hell they did and just clicked them randomly and hoped for the best.

this game is bad