Reviews for "Summon the Hero"

A nice concept but there are lot of things that need to be tidied up... some of the descriptions are really misleading and nonsensical (tacticians skill) and there's a huge bug where you can get infinite gold through use of the 'undo' button after a battle... ended up with over 35 gold every time i clicked undo! I think it could better but it needs quite a bit of work. 3.5/5

Good game but by far the easiest TD I've come across (Hard difficulty is medium at best).

I know how hard game design can be but I feel that devs can explore more variety in new towers and such. I love the blend of rpg elements, and the graphics - very kingdom rush.

Anyway keep up the good work I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

The lack of changing direction of your towers is flat out annoying, it's not a good tactic in a game where your towers burn energy. I'd suggest a directional option as the towers have only X attack direction some levels become near impossible unless you're on top of killing your own and spawning new ones in other places just to cope with the lack of this feature.

My character also changed when I started a new game over. I'm now a warrior, even though I was something else the last time I played.

I like it, the concepts are there, but its very clunky and I don't like "recharging" my units that I placed.