Reviews for "Summon the Hero"

It's alright. The enemies in the last couple of levels sometimes get stuck at the spawn. Also, the last level can be beaten on the second wave using no soldiers and losing no lives:
1. Freeze+click bottom skeletons on first wave, let your hero kill the top one
2. Blizzard the bottom mummies on the second wave
3. Dump all energy into totems
4. Win

This was a pretty neat game. I like the way the characters are introduced, already as a fraction, and the castle you can navigate via room. There's plenty of stats and upgrades to keep track of, and plenty of action. Great graphics, midevil music; good fun. Nice work!


I can't even begin the game cause the "new game" buttons won't even respond.
But I respect the thoughts of others so I'll at least give you something

could be done better

I think this game would work well on a cellphone or tablet, but it doesn't hold a candle to some other games on this site.