Reviews for "This Way DEMO"

It's great!

This thing is awesome!


really like the song. The reason everyone thinks they have heard the song is because you have heard some of it. Way to pull sweet beats off Fatboy Slim and changing them to sound awsome. Some of the beats where fairly similar so be careful.

Nice Tune

I can't believe it's a demo. most demos i know really suck and it is because of that that they bring out the full version. The fact that this rocks, leads me to think what comes next....I wonder.

Great Song DUDE!!

O_o So catchy..........could listen for hours

VERY catchy song.......easy to listen too for a long time while doing some work :P

Love 51sec to 1:03 where it kicks it up...very well done!!!!!


That song is really really great. The way all of it fits together perfectly into an extremely catchy song.

This is a demo?? Where can I find the full song??