Reviews for "This Way DEMO"


when ru goin to make the entire song?

love it

i got a gold on this song on SC guitar maniac dx2, :-D

This is a killer beat.

I've listened to music all my life but nothing like this. It's greater than the newest artist. You should totally start a band with your kind of taste in music.

Nice man!

This is some real nice rockin right here.

Good Job!

I love the riff at the beginning. \m/ >__< \m/

Voted 5: 4.50 / 5.00 (+ 0.00015)
Rated: 10/10

Very nice work man, keep it up!!


The opening riff is great but you did'nt do anything with it. The exposition was boring and seemed as somewhat of an afterthought. Also throwing down some 80's synth samples to cover up the fact that there isnt a decent chourus doesnt sit well with me.