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Reviews for "Here's My Poo"

I found this to just be okay. I admit that I don't like some of the poo imagery. I just don't see what any of this has to do with fathers. I guess it would make as much sense as anything else. What's happening to me? How is a poop tail so unpleasant to me?

Got to start watching more porn. I think the animation is pretty good. The funniest part is the bucket of poo. It just goes to show how many things you can do with your poo. Hey, I'm starting to rhyme.

it's like im in middle school again

Oh god there's another one.

Seriously how the fuck haven't you done a duet with Weebl yet?

My favorite part is when she said poo is ace and in the end when she's saying You're my daddy you're my daddy you're my daddy while falling alseep, those parts were the best.

wickedly awesome.
a Koit X Analog By Nature collab would be awesome, too. You know, if you're into that sort of thing...