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Reviews for "Colors of a Feather"

A very cute and enjoyable game.
Music is very charming.
I liked the different endings.
I do have one complaint, I do wish there were more conversation options, but other than that I liked this very much.

waffrus responds:

Thanks! The music is actually by Kevin MacLeod, you can find more of his stuff at his website (incompetech.com).

And yes, more choices in dialogue is always nice, but I made too many characters, lol. So I couldn't get too in depth in everyone's conversations without getting frazzled from too many dialogue trees. Must work on that, though! Thanks again! <:

I L.O.V.E. the cafe part of the game! I just need something from that cafe right now!!! X3

Imma rate it 5 stars! Congratulations!

-Pinkie Pie PS, plz make more cafe's in ur other games plz! Thank you!~;D

Its a really good game! all scenes are cute~ (>w<)
but,, could u give me hint to get Yohann ending, please? I keep getting the bad one.... ''moping all the time on the boy u like'' how to make him like me? (TT_TT)

GREAT GAME!!! I think that this is a really great dating sim game for it to be your very first one. CONGRATS!!!

AMAZING! So adorable, it's original, the art is beautiful, just, amazing! However, I'm having trouble with Yohann. I did everything required, but now he's going back to talking like how he did when you first meet him. I'm not sure what to do. But other than that, amazing! I would love to see another game like this! ^_^