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Reviews for "Colors of a Feather"

Haha, I loved this. I'm a guy, so it may seem strange, but I really really really loved this.

Very funny and refreshing. Playing through it was like drinking a glass of water - simple, yet exactly what you need.

I found myself getting all the endings - though the one relationship I liked best is the one with Olivia. Without me realizing, two hours had past since I started playing!

I also appreciated a lot the little tidbits of story the game throws at you every now and then. For instance, the story of Vivian, which is the theme that connects every playthrough. You can't obtain every information in just one playthrough, and getting all the endings pieces everything together. Masterfully done.

Really, I absolutely loved playing this. You've created a very good game with a very well thought story.

Well, Good Job! I hope to see more like this from you. I've already finished the little funny sidegames you've been posting, The Cafè, The Bookstore, and the like. I'm out of good games: please make more!! xD


Just to be sure I've guessed right... Vivi is Vivian, right? That's why she says Brooke's hair are really soft, like she had touched them before, and that she's almost disappointed "that idiot" Ian's spell has been reversed. It was her on Brooke's head at the start! Haha, that was unexpected. Very funny! I loved it^^

Again, Good job, really! Well done^^

waffrus responds:

D'aw, thank you for such a thoughtful review!
Yes, I like putting little bits of info here and there to hint at the stories that the other characters must be going through themselves.
And yes, Vivi is Vivian, haha. :>
Thanks again!

Interesting concept. I became the queen because I stayed home? Now THAT'S a good plotline!

I am in love with this game; I cant get Yohann tho but eventually I will.. This is totally cute and adorable, I love it c:

I GOT ALL THE ENDINGS!! Awesome game, BTW.

Please I need help I seem I cant get the guy in the book store I don't know what to do..

waffrus responds:

His route is one of the most tedious. After the getting all the lines by clicking to visit the bookstore directly, you have to "walk" (via "walk around town" option) to the bookstore and click on the blinds to talk to him.