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Reviews for "Colors of a Feather"

It's pretty adorable. I just clicked on this at random, not really knowing what it was about. This surprised me in a really good way. Maybe the plot can be expanded more, because a dating sim about wizards and birds has a lot of potential. I REALLY appreciate the good spelling and grammar. Nothing irks me more then misspelled words.

I get the sense there's like a missing bar button cuz I can only get to it directly at night instead of walking to it and the first time it lets me enter Vivien talks to me like she has encountered me before (which I think is the scene I can get to when I click Vivacious Violet on the table of contents. So, the thing that's REALLY driving me insane is that I can't, whatever I do, find out how to see the ''Grigori at the bar'' extra scene and I think it's because (as the description says) you have to walk to the bar.

waffrus responds:

Oh, man. It WAS missing. I don't know how that happened. It's back now. I'm super sorry about that. >:

Visuals: Well, it's your usual, and i get that they are female oriented, but i think you're better at drawing chibi-like characters. (That little sister of the other ones for example)

Music: Unfortunately my sound box is busted so i can't review this part.

Gameplay: The game feels somewhat confusing for a novel-type game, that table of contents doesn't help much either, perhaps you could put the table of contents accessible during gameplay (so people can move around the story at a smoother pace) or maybe a save feature?

Overall: Oh what the hell, it's your first attempt, it's good enough.

PS you got half a star up from that Harvest Moon reference.

I really liked the game, it was relaxing and cozy :) I thought Olivia was the toughest, since you had to shift between talking to greg, Ryan and Olivia, but fun nonetheless :D it was cute, well done ^^

I did't get the yellow pages