Reviews for "A Ghostly Journey"

Solid game. Interesting take on the puzzle-platforming and the levels were well designed. Difficulty wasn't bad. When the difficulty ramped up (Limbo levels), the check-point system was more than forgiving. Ending was a nice touch. The 100% ending was underwhelming and the world map could have shown where you have already collected souls, but those two are just nitpicking at a nice submission. Great game!

This game is all I never knew I wanted. Clean graphics, clear gameplay, well thought out and developed. Challenging mentally, not in a "rage quit because I couldn't slam the keys fast enough" way. Music that was atmospheric and pleasant so I didn't feel the need to mute like with every other game. Honestly, just brilliant work. This will definitely be a replay game for a while to come.

Really, the coolest, FIRST game I played in the Newgrounds.

veeeery good game :D

TinSleeves responds:

Thanks omarahmed

Great Game I Love it