Reviews for "A Ghostly Journey"

Woah! Awesome mechanics and whatnot
But, there was no need to include link to walkthrough, as well as more ghostbusting equipment would have been awesome.

awesome game, love the graphics and music and mechanic, but the freakin keys stop working when you jump sometimes you can't track how many souls you have and if you unpossess a human near a wall object to make the higher jumps, the unpossession fails or you fall back down. An annoying aspect of actionscript object hittests =_= I wish there was a work around then the jumps would be easier. For now it's a gamble if it works or not lucky you allowed some check points or it be one huge rage game.

Great game! Though there's something wrong because I can only get 34 souls at all, collecting them from each possible level, except for the level to the right of level 23 (I can't get in this one without all 35 souls).

i love this game! the graphics are awsome!

one word: awesome.