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Reviews for "A Ghostly Journey"

i know i've mentioned it on other sites too, but i did so enjoy playing this game. not much of a story, but enough of one to get by. i dunno what the guy below me is so ramped up about: it makes sense that there'd be some sort of side-quest revolving setting all these souls free since there's a friggin' medal for it. although i am a little surprised about there being some requirement to proceed: don't remember it saying anything anywhere about that. i do recall the Girl's description mentioning that she's more fit than the Bums though, so i see no problem with her being able to jump higher.

actually the only gripes i have are the same i had before. (1) upper-left diagonal release on the dispossess doesn't work on the arrow keys, even though it works fine on th WASD. had to switch schemes a few times because of that. (2) controls are ugly. i can understand wanting to space them apart, but the actual buttons used seem really arbitrary, and tbh, three in a row--[Z], [X], and [C] for example--is just fine by me. at the very least, it'd be nice to not have them so strangely placed. (3) checkpoints are really handy, but almost make the game too easy in certain areas. don't get me wrong: in some stages, they really are a godsend (e.g. late in stage 28), but in others, particularly early ones (or just ones i think are easy already), it's just makes me kinda yawn and say, "doesn't matter if i die. i'll just respawn there anyway. no consequence. hell, i won't even have to recollect that Lost Soul." it's not exactly a long game, so it couldn't hurt all that much.

that's really it. oh, i do think an explanation of why Ghostly can't possess machines would be nice, but for the sake of the game, i'll let it pass. it was fun. good music too.

It was ok. A bit tedious but I guess it wasn't TOO long. I don't get the 2 previous comments. I guess the86er was expecting the ghost to have been a child who died (but I don't really see him being an old man as much of a shock ending, since the ending itself was the only thing even resembling a story all the way through, so there's nothing to even spoil really), and fuckoffasshole is totally wrong, this whole game took me less than 2 hours to win, it's not the type of game you'd want to play again ever, or at least not within 3 years, and anyone who paid a lot of money for this would find he just blew a whole lot of money on something that kept him busy for just over an hour. Even in the atari 2600 days I'd play games for a long time, or at least switch back and forth between the available ones. Adventure, Yars Revenge, Pitfall, asteroids, that thing with the monkeys and the coconuts (I think it was called coconotes), story maker. The difference is, a mystery-type storyline is one where you wouldn't really want to play more than once because your own memory serves as a spoiler, and the gameplay itself is just not very interesting. It's just killing and avoiding enemies, with little or no strategy or variety. It's just a chore to play to the end. Whereas I can go back and play phantasy star 4 and even though I know the story, it was a pleasure to experience it over again. I'm not sure the difference, an actual story I guess. This is just doing stuff and then you get a surprise ending with no real story leading up to it.

Anyway. The big criticism I'd have is, I am annoyed to hell with games that always have female characters be overpowered. Oh the girls are SO valuable to possess, because they can jump SO high..... higher not just than the old men, but the young ones, including the ghost hunters. I took special satisfaction in killing as many of the girls as I could on the spikes. Why did the ghost say he had ethical concerns about hurting humans, anyway? He's a GHOST. He should know they'll just turn into ghosts themselves when he kills them. Killing only can have moral implications if you know death actually kills the victim, but if you're a ghost with knowledge that death isn't the end, that would mean you know that on death, you just turn into a different type of life form.

Nice church, straight out of the dark ages, with prisoners chained to the walls. Though show me a church in any age that had large pools of holy water stagnating around for mosquitoes to breed in.

Also, what a sucky ghost. He couldn't even go through walls, but the "traps" that follow you can, they make better ghosts. I just thought I'd point that out. Oh well. I wonder if anyone else thought of and noticed that.

Another criticism, this time actually about the game itself, it is not clear at ALL what purpose collecting souls serves. The game does not explain this. I was ignoring them at first, thinking that it was just some sort of bonus points, but apparently when you get done with the church, you can't proceed to the final levels to complete the game unless you have collected enough souls. And THEN I had to.... urgh.... play AGAIN the levels I had already played just to go out of my way to complete annoying side quests to get the lost souls. Don't you think the game should point that little important fact out? At least it didn't require you to collect all of them in order to win the game. I ended up with 17 out of 35 collected.

Who would have guessed how old the ghost was all along. And I like how balanced everything is.

This was really Epic. Back in the day, people would pay a shitload of money to buy such game.
Nowadays, such games are for free to play. This is probably one of the best games that NG has to offer. Words can't describe how amazing this game is, despite me raging few times. But it was a positive rage, not ragequit.

Great art, interesting story, great puzzles and secrets that I loved to discover. At first I thought that the game is freaking long, but now, when I finished it, I already miss beating these puzzles. I did replay some of the earliest levels, and damn, they feel so easy right now, which means that the learning curve in this game is really good. The hardest level would be level 17, as it needed some serious planning ahead.

Wow, really impressive, alas, after looking through your catalog, your games tend to be really massive in terms of gameplay.

I can 't collect last 3 souls in church. Last church room not working, i.e. not dissapearing.