Reviews for "A Ghostly Journey"

I've just completed the game with soul collecting.
I got to say it was a lot of fun. The gameplay is simple but cool, and you squashed all the juice out of it with the great level design you made. Graphics were nice, but they need a little more of pollution (I can help you with that if you wish, I know a couple of filters for your textures that would do the job, PM me if you're interested)
You should add a good ghost trophy, for not killing any human to spikes, and a "bad" trophy for killing like 5 humans just for fun (?
The things I disliked are that you can't jump to the left and leave the body you're in and the lack of particles. But I still see the HUGE effort you put on this game. I really say congratulations, it's a great, fun and very complete game. Thanks for making it, I enjoyed it a lot.

PS: Loved the Flixel easter egg in the Comic shop. Is it there any more?

in the map, something should tell u if u already collected the soul in the level...
sometimes i picked a soul then passed the checkpoint and then died, and at some levels i couldnĀ“t go back, so i dont know if i did picked it or i didnt??

The game was pretty much simple. I MEAN WHO WOULD EARN BADGES JUST FOR DOING THE SIMPLEST THINGS!!!??? Seriously, like you get a badge just for leaving a castle or graveyard. Or you entered the city, YOU GET A BADGE!!! I have to say that your 2 top badges are completed the story and crack the code on level 25. You really need to work on your other badges.
I really don't like how we have to posses the old man but I know why you added him. To get to the high places.

fun game! its really creative and well put together. i like that each thing you possess has a unique purpose, makes the game seem just that more bigger to me ;) cool style and nice environments! kudos!

I really like the concept of playing as a ghost with different interaction (no spike damage haha) and possessing humans. It's a fun new taste. The only drawback is that the levels are a bit ... "complexe". I mean, there's a lot going on in the levels. (aside from the first few ones that are pretty simple) When you get the the level with the rats, it just seems like an awfully big maze.
But nevertheless, I liked it :)
Great job!