Reviews for "Pillow City"

At first I didn't look at who the author was and everything. But as soon as I saw those sprites in the office I knew everything. I liked the wasted colony game which was very fun and challenging if you don't know the mechanics (Although the unlockable characters look scary and weird compared to the normal characters). Going back to this game, it's as fun as wasted colony so I must say, keep it u dude!

This is my new favorite game on Newgrounds! You found a way to make a challenging zombie game, but at the same time it's not super scary or one of those games that gives you a heart attack when you turn a corner. Overall, very impressive.

frozz responds:

thank you, glad to know you like the game

i loved the game the pixel art was brilliant and also the story line was great but it kept freezing a lot so didnt get to finish it which is a shame

Hello, everyone! I kinda love this game cuz' it's freakin awesome like bursting zombie heads!

Good game