Reviews for "Pillow City"

Good game

Hello, everyone! I kinda love this game cuz' it's freakin awesome like bursting zombie heads!

A good game but quite a few things should have been added.

Difficulty: There should be a way to change the difficulty. I'm fine with a challenge but seriously stuck on the 2nd chapter after completing The plan.
Party: Should be able to change which party member stands where (I would have preferred the sniper behind me), if the party member takes preference to covering your back (like how they do traveling left), be able to have an explanation of their skills and possibly even change their weapons and armor.
Crafting: I had a lot of difficulty crafting good items as I never found stocks, magazine clips enhance batteries, forestocks and forged metal (possibly why i found the game so difficult). Rare items should be available at the shop for an overpriced rate. Also you should be able to view the stats of the item you are going to craft.
Potions: Seriously! You give us potions that are unavailable during combat. You can only use them when riding around. I'd rather go to camp and get healed by the cow than waste money on potions.
Other: should be a retreat command when you feel overwhelmed, training area, readable material for what your specials do and also be able to go to various areas for mission other than one at a time.

Awesome! should be speed upgrade though. All I have to say. Nice!

a great game, I maybe would've liked it a bit better if the character could move a bit faster, or a storage to keep stuff you don't use. I really like the story