Reviews for "Pillow City"

the main needs to run faster .
the game itself ran a little slow on my laptop . but my laptop is just shy of a advanced rock .

also you need to edit your text . seriously go trough it and spell check it . over all very good game

(disregard if english is a second language ... actually no don't disregard thats no excuse for bad text be thorough it shows when you do)

Spellcheck at all? The gameplay is really slow and there's this bug that makes items disappear when you close the menu without accepting them. Also, the controls are awkward to use.

wow. This is amasing. This game as great potesial. you can easely make this more open world so you can go in houses and loot and be able to go back then you have left a room. one more thing that would be nice to have is a litle more textures, because it feels like you are walking in the same room over and over again. other than that this game is amasing. just work a litle more on it then it will be one of the best games on this site. keep up the good work.

nice I would like to see this on newground

Nice character design. Animation could use some more improvement. IMO, 'L' Button should be used as 'back' button instead of X. And Hiro walks too slow to me. Too slow.