Reviews for "Pillow City"

Nice game. Though the guy running speed is a bit slow wish could upgrade.
Brilliant game nonetheless

A good game that could be very improved by add some usefull quick action:
-automatic roll for the shop's list
-in battle menu to control team mates
-a danger meter for the field map attacks
-upgrade the equipment with secondary gears to add bonus or function (like improve battle eyesight, or potion usage)
-add some kind of quest like "unique mob" to make the game less ripetitive

really fun game. only suggestion is that you found your sister too soon in the game . I feel like since that was the main goal (other than killing zombies and escaping) that we should have found her later on in the game . also correct me if im wrong but i cant seem to heal while fighting zombies. is there a key button that im missing?love the old school graphics though

It was ok. The controls were annoying, but I loved how the game didn't take itself too seriously.

im sorry the spelling made it to annoying to play.