Reviews for "Pillow City"

At first I didn't look at who the author was and everything. But as soon as I saw those sprites in the office I knew everything. I liked the wasted colony game which was very fun and challenging if you don't know the mechanics (Although the unlockable characters look scary and weird compared to the normal characters). Going back to this game, it's as fun as wasted colony so I must say, keep it u dude!

slow walking
good art and music
not comfortable game...

I love the wasted colony... it is one of the few ng games I have favorited and play over and over every other month. this one was a bit of a let down. good concept and everything but the craft drop system is too random and I was weight capped with the improved weight limit skill before I even rescued the merchant. (there was no 'junk' all craft and schemes) a pop up window showing what craft you for what scheme in the inventory/looting menus would be nice as well. a storage chest would be awsome also. one more thing it would be nice to chose how many of an item you would 'drop' instead of losing your entire inventory of an item when you only need .1 more weight room but do not want to drop 5+ of an item.

I may try this again after these and other bugs/mistakes are fixed

Great game: quite long and sometimes a bit of a challenge (i didn't finis it yet). However a few flaws are to be stressed out:
1/ I am French and use a AZERTY keyboard. Game developpers should understand that swiching between AZERTY and QWERTY is a bit of a pain in the glutes...
2/ Please proofreed.
3/ Please go into details; ok, little leager unlocks kick ass and master but what the hell does it changes?
4/ Being able to change the graphics quality would be good for old computers (with for instance the capacity to remove the killed corpses or such)
5/ The loots are totally random. I played the game on two different computers. In one game i struggled to find "basic" crafting items (wooden planks, iron, ...) but found "advanced items" (orichalcum casing, enhanced batteries, lightning molecule,...) and on the other, i only find crappy items. There should be a way to adapt the loots to the gameplay
6/ Why can't i drink potions when i'm on a mission?
7/ When zombies burst out of a door/window, it should ne be when you change floor RIGHT after the game loaded (hell yeah, instant slaughter)
8/ Why does the sister looks like about 14 in the artworks and is a kid during the game?
9/ Feqw bugs here and there (i couldn't complete a mission for whatever reason even if i both killed all zombies and looted everything i could)
10/ Why is the shop so crappy? A few potions, ammos and crafting kits? It makes the related skills quite useless
11/ Maybe a "reset talents" option would be good (something like Dr Cow where you'd pay an expensive price) because your needs may change along the game or you may screw up.

I know it's quite a long list but i enjoyed the game and i thought it still deserves to be improved

frozz responds:

thank you, nice input we really appreciate it. also thank you for playing our game.

I love the art style of this game.
Everything seems perfect about this game, maybe too perfect. o.O