Reviews for "Submachine 9: the Temple"

The concept is awesome. Very well written and represented through interesting set of puzzles. Awesome work. One question. There was a room where on the stone slab wrote only ones on it. Is it accessible?

Mateusz-Skutnik responds:


I was waiting for the episode, I'm not disappointed. Great point and click, the atmosphere, the riddles, the story and the design are still incredible, and pushes you to know what will happen in the next chapter.
Thank you Mateusz.

Pros: I finished all the others just in time for this one to come out!

Cons: Now that I'm caught up, I'm going to have to wait like everyone else for the next installments...

Conclusion: Make 'em quick! Just not too quick, keep up that outstanding work!

great game as always...but i kinda forgot the story so far...maybe a catch up would´ve been nice?

ooh that was fun :D <3