Reviews for "Submachine 9: the Temple"

I'm guessing Murtaugh went into a parallel universe and ruled Egypt with Elizabeth, because he had to obey Shiva after discovering the submachine. And this whole time I though he was an evil genius who trapped me under a lighthouse. And all I know about Shiva is he's a statue god thing. They should make this into a movie lol.


I somehow feel like reproducing this as a mod for Halflife, not sure about it, though ;)

Well done, It was great

You keep doing these? Great. I think I now understand what is the story behind all this. Thanks for making such good point and click games. Keep it up! :)


When I played submachine: the basement, a couple of years back, I thought to myself ''this game is awesome'', now 7 games and a few years later I still cannot stop playing them, you are a brilliant man with a brilliant mind. I love your mind and your games.

Ach, nie mogłam się doczekać 9-tej części! Właśnie skończyłam grać, I raczej jestem z siebie dumna bo solucję użyłam tylko raz w pewnym momencie XD
Czekam z niecierpliwością na nastepną część. Submachine to naprawdę genialna seria, uwielbiam w to grać, mimo, że czasem to się pogubię i z podkulonym ogonem uciekam do solucji :'D