Reviews for "Submachine 9: the Temple"

Excellent, as always. I think this is the first one I completed without cheating :)
I spent the first 10mins of the game wondering "how come there's a button missing on the panel?" and the last 10mins wondering "what the heck am I supposed to do with this extra button?"

Awesome, as expected.

Very good job Mr. Skutnik ;)

I still remember when I first played to this saga. I was shocked, caught in this great game. Always liked this kind of games, and this is the best I have played so far.

Great work and hope the last part blow our heads!!!

This game is epic!

Amazing as always. Took me about 2-3 hours to beat it but i finally did it and i got all 5 secrets on the first try and all the carved signs as well. Can't wait to see how it all ends and when that day comes for the end game to arrive i will place all the submachine's in order to finish with the last one....10

I wish it would never end but even in the layers of dementions there is a ending layer that will come to you now matter how much you try and stop it or avoid it. As we step through this last portal to this final layer we must stop and look back at where we have come from in the beginning. We must think back at all the places we have discovered and explored, think about all the other explorers who ventured into the layers and were lost in time or in an endless loop.

To all my fellow explorers, layer jumpers, and gamers. This has been one hell of a ride through the very thoughts of existence and what our own minds can even imagine, this has been a exploration to remember. As we all step through into this blinding light we will look back once more as we slip into a layer of none existence that has never been explored before. We are then chosen few who could see all the layers as we met them and not go into an infinite loop or get lost in our own minds trying to figure out if we are in the layer or reality or of something far beyond our own imagination.

We will walk in strong, open minded, and lost. This is the final layer, this is our final adventure, this is the submachine's final exit into who knows what or where.

All who know what I'm talking about and know where I'm coming from reply to my letter here or like it so that the God of these layers can see that we know what we are walking into and that we are ready for whatever happens as we enter what is unknown.

We Are Ready And We Are Focused. It Is Time To Meet The Unknown Head On!