Reviews for "Submachine 9: the Temple"

bring on number 10 man

Another great game from Mateusz-Shutnik. This guys really got a good imagination, playing his game is like taking a walk inside his head. This one was not as hard as some of the others but, just as fun. I only found 4/5 of the secrets. I Didn't need the walkthrough to beat it but maybe it will show where the last secret is. Great game. I can't wait for part 10!!!

When I played submachine: the basement, a couple of years back, I thought to myself ''this game is awesome'', now 7 games and a few years later I still cannot stop playing them, you are a brilliant man with a brilliant mind. I love your mind and your games.

Five Stars ! I just bought the game and the soundtrack to encourage Mateusz-Skutnik in his work.
I can't wait for another Daymare Town game !

An amazing game !