Reviews for "Submachine 9: the Temple"

Heh. Like all of the Submachine games, I greatly enjoyed this one. The graphics, music, and gameplay all fit together very well. I did, as usual, have to cheat a bit. Find a walkthough and find what minor item I'd overlooked. Still, I enjoyed playing.

I'm upset there's only gonna be one more. I could play this forever.

Mateusz-Skutnik responds:

there'll be more. Main storyline just ends in sub10.

This was a pretty awesome game. The atmosphere really builds up in intensity, graphics are neat and simple, mysterious in their own but what really enforces it is the atmosphere, the sounds, the music, the dialog that pounds down on the screen Awesome experience!


saw this while waiting for a video to load, so almost missed it...but the video will now have to wait, I can't just not play this, and I'm, as usual, loving it so far

AAAAHHHHHHH! awesome! the music really made this flow and built up the climax before the finale! it was really cool to see the connections to the other submachines; you've developed a strong and original mythos here! cant wait for the finale! Kudos! :D