Reviews for "Submachine 9: the Temple"

super jeu, je n'ai pas réussi à avoir tout les secrets mais seulement 4 :(. Toujours aussi sympa par contre pour la réflexion :).

I'm guessing Murtaugh went into a parallel universe and ruled Egypt with Elizabeth, because he had to obey Shiva after discovering the submachine. And this whole time I though he was an evil genius who trapped me under a lighthouse. And all I know about Shiva is he's a statue god thing. They should make this into a movie lol.

A year and an half waiting for this day !!!
Always a delight to explore this dreamlike universe searching the path, avoiding the red herring...
I just hope Shiva will hear my prayer and will offer me a french version to compensate my poor english.
Thank you Mateusz for all these nice moments of total immersion you allow me to spent.

Damn you Skuzzy! did you make a pact with a demon to be this awesome?


The concept is awesome. Very well written and represented through interesting set of puzzles. Awesome work. One question. There was a room where on the stone slab wrote only ones on it. Is it accessible?

Mateusz-Skutnik responds: