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Reviews for "The deal of the gods"

same here, didn't find how to beat the minotaur labyrinth.

Josepho responds:

Hi! The solution of the labyrinth is placed in the first monster screen, but you need the cross object in order to unlock the solution :P

holy shit the bugs, i was teleporte from the clock stage to a stage with statues and a pilar with 4 hourses, 2 red and 2 purple, debug that shit XD

Had to disable the 3D cuz it was annoying :/

Usually, i love labrinths, but I couldnt find a hint on how to beat the minotaur one, and had to stop playing there ... Didnt feel like looking up a walkthrough ...

I like the art style and developing story line, but yeesh those puzzles are a nightmare. I still have no idea how I was supposed to solve that olympus puzzle with the nine columns (were some of the figurines on them supposed to look different?), or that one with the floating crystals (every time I thought I had one colour right, changing the next in line seemed to make the ones I had incorrect as well). A puzzle or puzzle mechanics should not be so tricky to work out that using the walkthrough is my only option.

Josepho responds:

Hi there, the clue of the columns puzzles are the drawings in the wood horse

The music starts and stops randomly sometimes...

The cursor also disappears occasionally. (It happened to me in the main room that you start in.)

I wanted to complete the tablet, and so opened his cell and found the ankh on his gravestone. I put it into a recess and it did nothing but make it glow, and I couldn't take it out, and couldn't find another ankh or ANYTHING gold. I consulted the walkthrough and found out that I had to re-jail the now-dead hero, and then send a whole army off to their deaths to get the second ankh. There is no logic in this place...

I also have no idea where I was supposed to get the solution to the Mount Athens puzzle (with the 9 stone columns), but that could very well be me having a brain fart.

I liked the maze that you could only view one-screen-at-a-time, but I would have preferred navigating it with the arrow keys, since whenever I hit a wall/moved the mouse outside of the "tunnels" part of the maze, the controls froze. This was bothersome.

The minotaur puzzle clue was confusing, since it started at the bottom and worked its way to the top; the opposite of what I'd think would be obvious for most people. Also, one time I tried it, and the directions through the maze listed on the clue just weren't possible.

Don't even get me started on the coloured gems...

This game has the potential to be great; the graphics/visuals were beautiful, the audio was fairly good at immersing you in the game world (when it was working properly) and the 3D option was a nice step away from the status quo (I didn't end up playing with it on, though). However, it was dragged down by the nonsensical gameplay and occasional glitchiness.