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Reviews for "The deal of the gods"

The unfocused scrolling was annoying.

same here, didn't find how to beat the minotaur labyrinth.

Josepho responds:

Hi! The solution of the labyrinth is placed in the first monster screen, but you need the cross object in order to unlock the solution :P

good game tho the minotaur labyrinth map was useless and the room with the screens where you need to drag the white icon through that maze was too glitchy. mouse kept dropping the icon then was unable to pick it up though the cursor changed so i know i was in the right spot. also the column clues needed some kind of reference.

The art is solid, nothing about that. The puzzles are a really hard. I had Tomb Raider in the back of my mind, but this is really tricky stuff. The columns are totally "wtf"? even with the clues...
You should consider to make it a bit more 'guided', it wont neccassarily ruin the game.
Looking forward to the sequel!

true, the maze doesnt always reset, but it still works the same way. Unless the first door isnt there where it should be xD move one room and then get on the correct route.

I loved the storyline, and the puzzles were just the right mix of challenge for my taste, BUT...

The interface seems quite clunky, compared to the first one... touch zones are small, some texts pops up after it is no longer relevant, and the flash window seems to have shrunk with this version. Pan the picture about to see the edges was fun & smooth in the 1st version, but didn't always pan all the way to the edges in this one. (I played it without the3D effect... which would have made the problem worse, it seems.) It made inspecting the art for clues frustrating.
The multi-screen maze with the icon that kept getting stuck on walls, dropped by the mouse icon or entirely off-screen was particularly infuriating and nearly reason enough to quit.
So, 5 stars for game design and art, -2 for making the fine old interface worse.