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Reviews for "The deal of the gods"

"In order to save them" Shocker xD definitely didn't see that coming the moment you were interrupted the first time... or did I?

Decent puzzle. The one with the female goddesses and the apple didn't seem to make sense at all. There's no more logic in it than there is in a key that fits a keyhole, had to use the walkthrough for that specific one.

Sometimes the minotaur labyrinth doesn't reset after you've left it. This means that you won't be able to solve it later. It did reset after a while of trying and then it was smooth sailing.

Looking forward to part 3.

Josepho responds:

Yup, there is a bug there, thanks for reporting it ! :D

I like the art style and developing story line, but yeesh those puzzles are a nightmare. I still have no idea how I was supposed to solve that olympus puzzle with the nine columns (were some of the figurines on them supposed to look different?), or that one with the floating crystals (every time I thought I had one colour right, changing the next in line seemed to make the ones I had incorrect as well). A puzzle or puzzle mechanics should not be so tricky to work out that using the walkthrough is my only option.

Josepho responds:

Hi there, the clue of the columns puzzles are the drawings in the wood horse

good game tho the minotaur labyrinth map was useless and the room with the screens where you need to drag the white icon through that maze was too glitchy. mouse kept dropping the icon then was unable to pick it up though the cursor changed so i know i was in the right spot. also the column clues needed some kind of reference.

This is fucking impossible.

Not as good as the first one. I especially didnt like the floating stones at the end, as that wasnt actually a puzzle, it was just memory game, then random color choice until it happens to be right. Same with the starting room. there was no hint as to where the clock should point, so its just random trial and error until its right.