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Reviews for "The deal of the gods"

Entering the left room after the clock puzzle without taking the figurine seems to break the game for me. Camera freezes and controls stop to work.

As good as the first !!
Hoping for the next game soon ^^ !!!

I'll be honest, I far prefer the first one; I got to the point in the computer room with the black spheres connected by strings, and even after watching the walkthrough I *still* don't know what I'm doing here! I wound up just watching the walkthrough to see the rest of the game.

I think the first one succeeded in that it has a mix of easy and hard elements; while I enjoyed some of the hard puzzles in this one (aside from the black-balls, in which I don't even know what I'm doing), some simpler "object gathering" and plug-and-play helps flesh out the environment, without requiring massive puzzle-design on your part.

Very much looking forward to the next installment, nonetheless - and I appreciated the turn-off 3D button.

Josepho responds:

Hi there, in the black balls puzzle, look that the lines that doesnt overlap are black and the lines that overlap are grey, the target is to make all the lines black :)

The art is solid, nothing about that. The puzzles are a really hard. I had Tomb Raider in the back of my mind, but this is really tricky stuff. The columns are totally "wtf"? even with the clues...
You should consider to make it a bit more 'guided', it wont neccassarily ruin the game.
Looking forward to the sequel!

true, the maze doesnt always reset, but it still works the same way. Unless the first door isnt there where it should be xD move one room and then get on the correct route.

Oh... The art is nice, the puzzles are nice.