Reviews for "Earth Taken 2"

the soldiers are fake they are aliens in soldier uniform

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thanks for the 5 stars!

Why sodier try to kill me but it is very awesome hhaha

SeethingSwarm responds:

You'll find out later on in the game :) ...thanks for the 5 stars and I'm glad you like it!

This game is even better than the first! Which I kinda gave a too good review. Although, it is a damn good game, considering it is free. I didn't really give you any tips or anything of how to approve it, but apparently, you didn't need them. To start off, I wanna mention all the new features that helps makes the game even better; radiation is now a factor (thought that was really cool), New weapons (Kinda suspected it), default knife, new alien dog enemy, spray paint art, and even starting with allies when a base says they will help you. However, one new feature had to grow on me, it was the shaking of the screen with each action (Jumping and attack). The shaking feature was a annoying feature at first, but It grew on me, probably because I was use to the first game. Now on how to make it better, for one, I would like more than one boss battle. Maybe a map would help and I feel that that giving voices to the characters would allow you to make much deeper stories, since you don't have to worry about making them read too much. But keep the art up, that is very nice touch, I especially liked that bear that was laying down int he secret room in one of the bedrooms in a base.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thanks for the great review and all the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the second part as well :) Oh and sorry if the screen-shake effect was a bit too much. This is the first time I really experimented with it in a game and I liked it so much that perhaps I went a bit overboard with it :D Thanks for the 5 stars!

That was awesome! The story, while not original, par say, was very well executed. The gameplay was very solid, especially when you had survivors with you. The atmosphere was great. The art was great. The amount of stuff you can destroy is very impressive for flash game standards. The only problem in my opinion was the music. Not that it was bad, there just wasn't enough of it. But that won't stop me from giving you a full five stars.

SeethingSwarm responds:

I'm so glad you liked it! The story was inspired by many things like Fallout, Metro, Half-Life, Contra, Metal Slug, Alien Hominid etc., so yeah it's not super original :P ...but the main inspiration for this game was War Of The Worlds, except the only difference in this game is that the aliens did not die from earth's bacteria. Sorry I couldn't add more music to the game. I kinda like the desolate, minimalistic feel of the music, but another big reason for not adding more music is because of file size and loading time. Music and sound fx really crank up the file size and many people hate long loading times, and this really affects many people with slower internet connections. Anyway, thanks for the 5 stars and the kind words!

This game played off better than the previous - it was so fun. Sorry for the late review:

The combat knife was added, stealth was improved, stealth kills were added, and you took a big step, you added the radiation- which made this game more realistic- than ever.

The knife brought much fun to the game. I definitely liked throwing an alien from wall to wall, then backstabbing them. I liked picking up the Leapers and stabbing through their stomachs- this made me feel like the ultimate resistance member.

What about the stealth? When I was behind someone in the previous game they'd instantly look at me & start shooting, then I'd start shooting. The game was all plain run'n'gun. However, this, took a big step. Whenever an enemy was below, I'd jump down whenever they looked away, backstab the first guy, get up again, and the second guy would look around, when he turns around, I'd jump down and stab him. When an enemy was above, I'd simply hit a trashcan and lure the enemy to me, and when they jump down, I'd give 'em a sharp surprise.

Radiation? This was the thing that told me to be quick, to not mess around. To tell me that I didn't have all the time in the world- and that I should be careful. This pushed me through in the last level, and I definitely liked how it was.


You totally ignored me, and forgot the chat we had with you. I liked the way most shooters were, but you didn't respect my opinion. I know you liked the old school way, but some people can't play this way.

There were 4 control options. None of them included the mouse gameplay... None.

This is why I cut a star in half and dumped a half of it.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thanks for the great review and all the feedback! I'm glad you liked the new features in Earth Taken 2 :)

As for the control setups, I'm sorry, I didn't ignore you. I am very aware of the fact that many people are unhappy with the controls and would prefer a mouse aiming and shooting system. Unfortunately for you guys, this game series is purposely made for the few people like me who prefer keyboard setups. I'm sorry I couldn't cater for you guys, and if it wouldn't have meant remaking a huge part of the core game engine to incorporate mouse aiming, I would have. I tell you what, if I ever make another game similar to Earth Taken, I'll definitely include some mouse aiming action. This promise does not include Earth Taken 3 or any other Earth Taken episodes, (if I ever make them), because those will most probably be built on the main Earth Taken game engine.

Anyway, I'm really glad you enjoyed playing Earth Taken 2 in spite of the limited control setups. Thanks for giving the game such a high score :)