Reviews for "Earth Taken 2"

That Game Was Awesome And I Beat Game
Thumbs Up By The Way!

SeethingSwarm responds:

That's great, thanks! Congratulations on completing the game, and thanks for the 5 stars and the thumbs up :)

The game is amazing ! NICE GRAPHICS, GOOD HISTORY, and etc.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thank you! Really glad you enjoyed it :)

everytime i die ,t spacebar dsnt works ..t game dsnt restart! ..and i got to restart t page to play..so this is t last time i play..this kool game !(

SeethingSwarm responds:

That really sucks! I have no idea why this happened to you, but I'm sorry. Perhaps if you would use a different browser or update flash player? Thanks for still voting fairly even though this happened to you. I'm sure the problem is not with my game, because other people don't seem to have this problem and it's never happened to me even though I've tested it a million times on different computers and different browsers... but still, I'm sorry :(

@GenesonSimmons ... wow dude, that's a long comment... anyways.. I LOVE THIS GAME, U should make earth taken 3, also a More awesome alien that can turn invisible for 4 seconds and it recharges for 10 seconds.. and after finishing human campaign, add an ALIEN CAMPAIGN!

SeethingSwarm responds:

I like your ideas for Earth Taken 3 and I'm glad you liked the first two! At the moment I'm working really hard on another game called "Enter The Flesh Again". It's the most ambitious game I've ever attempted and it's taking quite a long time. I don't have any plans to make a third Earth Taken, but if I decide to do it, it won't happen anytime soon unfortunately :/

Thanks for the comments, suggestions and the nice score!

Like the original, I really enjoy this, mostly for the same reasons. The weapons and environments are fairly varied, especially nice for a flash game; There are a decent amount of secrets to uncover, in case you want supplies; And, while it isn't ridiculously difficult, there's enough of a limit to your food supply that you can't immediately upgrade anything. Here are a few of my gripes with the game, though.

- Mandatory survivors: While I did find the survivors to be useful for taking down the enemies, especially when I was only using my knife, I feel like there should'ave been an option for two or more things: To be able to heal your survivors using your food supply/being able to see their health, or ordering them to stop moving. Throughout the game, I felt like I had to backtrack, just to get that health pack so my buddies wouldn't die. Even when I was being especially cautious, the grenade enemies could easily harm them. The worst thing is, I don't know how much health each ally actually has compared to me, so I have to treat them like schoolchildren. A health bar above their heads would solve a lot of the issues I have with the game so far.

- Achievements/Items: I don't really understand why there're achievements to destroy lights, or to kill crows, for instance. Upgrading items and yourself, killing enemies, saving survivors, those are valid achievements. However, without any context in the story, these are a tiny bit pointless to me. The crows were only mentioned with having to do something with a vaccine for the Earth's poison gas, way back in the first game. That was nice foreshadowing, but I feel like it's been dropped here. The lights and garbage cans, however, seem to have less of a purpose. Reading these comments, I think it's just that they attract enemies, but to set them off, you'd have to shoot your weapon anyway, so I don't think that's the case. Giving the items significance inside the story as well would make the achievements a bit more satisfying, and maybe help the immersion.

- Lack of warning: I think the boss battles need to be foreshadowed, at least a tiny bit. Going into the -blank- battle in this, for the first time, I was completely surprised. I knew the rest of the level had definitely been building up to some revelation, but I didn't expect a boss battle. On my first and second tries, the enemies swarmed us, since I didn't see them getting released through the tubes. I just shot the machine, and ended up dying from the enemies. I had the same problem with the final boss in the last game, in that it kinda came out of nowhere. Not only that, but it seemed very difficult to get out with my survivors alive, and somewhat out of my control. Thankfully, I didn't have to replay, but it was a little shocking.

- Unnecessary weapons: While I appreciated the new weapons, none of them really felt practical besides the shotgun, pistol, and knife. Those two former weapons, fully upgraded, were really able to solo enemies, and the knife is perfect for one-hit kills and conserving ammo. The really powerful weapons, like the flamethrower, grenade launcher, and secret one, either have too little ammo to use for very long, or are too powerful to use on normal enemies. I'd appreciate if there were higher level/more dangerous enemies to use these on effectively. The grenade launcher, in particular, seems a little useless at the moment, because it always sprays 13 or so ammo. I'd make it so that it's based on how long you hold down the button, so you don't have to waste your ammo.

Right now, I'm going to go back through the game and see if I can use the more powerful weapons effectively. Maybe I'll surprise myself. Either way, I'm thinking of checking the other games you've made, based on this one and the original. Very good sequel, it's just that I'm not sure if many of the changes are the best.

What I liked:

- Enemies in the supposedly "Safe" zones: In the first game, you already established a formula. Odd numbered stages are exploration stages, and even ones are safehouses where you can rest. Seeing enemies, and the general carnage in the very first one of these, was a wonderful, if shocking, addition. If you make a sequel, or follow this format in different games, tampering with it like you did here would really help immerse the player in whatever universe your game is based in.

- More details: I loved seeing those leapers over a fire. The first time I saw it, I both cringed a little and smiled at it. In a real scenario, those things would have to be a primary source of food, given that none would be getting exported. It helped give a bit of character to the game, I think, instead of the locations and characters just being bland. The new art was also a welcome addition. I appreciated all of the little touches, and the foreshadowing about the government in the first game. The only bad thing is one, particularly close to the end, which said "F*** the military" with a distinct gesture. I was fine with the middle finger... But this is a teen rated game. I know it's a little ridiculous to notice that, when you're stabbing and shooting so many diverse things, but without an M rating, that shouldn't have gotten by.

I liked this a bit more than the original, mostly because of the combat knife. If there were a final addition I would add, in fact, it would be to the knife. Make it the most cost worthy, something impractical like 50 rations, but it can be thrown at enemies or something. Please, I love the knife in this.

Other than that, this is still very very good. I hope to see your other games, even if they aren't quite in the vein of this.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Wow what a review! I'm really glad you like this series of mine :) Oh and thanks for all the feedback and constructive criticism. I'll keep it in mind for future projects. Hopefully you'll like some of my other games as well. They're quite different :)