Reviews for "Earth Taken 2"

fun enough game to finish.... easily done with only a knife though

SeethingSwarm responds:

Glad it was fun enough for you to finish!

- good graphics
- good story
- good balancing
- food as consumable and money
- companions who don't die at the first encounter
- I had fun until I got into the alien mothership
- I liked the radioactive rain
- when I entered the mothership the game started to lag massivly, rendering it unplayable
- it would be nice if you could go back (if it doesn't conflict with the story)
- completely linear

SeethingSwarm responds:

Glad you enjoyed the game! It sucks that the game started lagging for you in the mothership. You can always adjust the quality from Options in the main menu and the pause menu. Try playing it on medium or low quality and it might perform a lot better on your computer.

Good Atmosphere, very interesting to play and I enjoyed the story very much. I love the post apocalyptic theme, the melodramatic music and the pale colors of the game. Its a very very atmospheric game experience and like the survivor feeling.
The Controls are exact and the possibilty to shoot in "any" directions is something what I declare as a standard in modern games, but you often find games where you can't do this. Also the possibilty of stealth kills and vehicle Kills do a variety gameplay. The enemys react on your behavior and attacks you when you out of sight and don't forget you and walks on like nothing happens.

I would prefer a more realistic and less jump'n'run gameplay and a bit rougher no cartoony graphic style.

But that's only my preferences. You've done a good job!

SeethingSwarm responds:

So glad you like the game :) Thanks for the comments and the nice score! Oh and thanks for the constructive criticism and nice comments!

Can't wait for the third part! (=

SeethingSwarm responds:

I don't have any immediate plans to make a third Earth Taken. At the moment I'm working on Enter The Flesh Again and it will keep me busy for many months. It's quite an ambitious project. I loved working on Earth Taken, but I'm excited to work on something new and different. A lot of people have asked for a third part, so it is definitely something I will consider to do after Enter The Flesh Again. I am thinking about it, but it won't happen anytime soon. I hope you understand.

Thanks for the 5 stars!

I think the real difficulty difference everyone is getting as far as the knife making it easy.. is the overpowered backstab. Even against the leapers, if they land facing behind me while jumping, its all over for them.
Maybe take out backstab entirely, and lower the starting player life just a bit. Nothing felt dangerous.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Getting the difficulty of a game right is very tricky, and I made Earth Taken 2 a bit easier than the original, because a lot of people complained about the first one being too hard. From all the feedback from other players, it seems that most people really enjoy the backstab move and the knife in general, but I do understand that for some people this game is not challenging enough at all. I'm sorry about that. I think the best thing to do would perhaps be to have a difficulty setting. Anyway, thanks for the feedback and suggestions! I really appreciate it :)