Reviews for "Earth Taken 2"

i love all earth takens i love te knife because it kill with one hit behind i alaways use the knife tu kill soldiers aliens and dog alaiens

SeethingSwarm responds:

Hehe yeah I really like the knife too, even tho it might be a bit over-powered gameplay-wise. Oh and thanks, really glad you like the game :)

I think I said everything at the previous game's review. Awesome game as usual. I remember when I was anxious for this game back in 2014's first months. I was constantly checking your facebook page for any news. Initially I didn't like one of the new enemies: The leap. He is ugly but I have to admit it's too satisfying to stab of these "alien freaks". :¬)

Awesome game.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Great that the ugly Leapers didn't ruin the game for you :P
And thanks for the kind words :)

i love it!!!

i love love love love love this game! i think you did better with the whole diversity thing in earth taken 3 of course, but overall this is a wonderful game.

the art style is adorable and the animation is really good. great job!!

(Also, red's clothing and the supplies guy in the first shelter's clothing were the same; was that intentional?)

solid game i had a ton of fun tho doing the army base there was a glitch where the amy men for a quick second would look like a alien

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! Yeah I'm aware of that glitch. It actually happens quite often, but it's so quick that it's hardly noticeable, unless the game lags. Sorry about that. Anyway, thanks for the 5 stars, hope you like Earth Taken 3 just as much :)