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Reviews for "NWAR #2: High Stakes"

Steakhouse akimbo!

danmarkowitz responds:

Thanks, I think!

For some unfathomable reason, I am now craving a steak.

danmarkowitz responds:

Just a coincidence.

Ecellent wordplay dude. Glad to see this series is on going :)

danmarkowitz responds:

Thanks man!

This witty pun-fest, noir style = hilarity.
I'd have to say that this one is even better than the first episode.
Probably because it has to do with steaks XD
The atmosphere in this series is amazing, so I can't wait to see more.
Keep making these gems please.

danmarkowitz responds:


it's rare, like a steak, to find animations that make me laugh out loud, not like a mime. This was one of them :)

danmarkowitz responds:

Ha, thanks!