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Reviews for "NWAR #2: High Stakes"

Better than the first.

danmarkowitz responds:

Hopefully the third will be even better!

i think that this was very good comedy.
and the animation doesn't move very much, but it still looks good.
it was very funny that there was a lot of stuff about stakes.
this movie was awesome i can't wait for the next one.

danmarkowitz responds:

Thanks for not burning me at the stake!

It's a rare case of well done flash animation.

danmarkowitz responds:

After Effects, actually. Thanks!

The puns... Oh my god, the puns...

High stakes at the staked-out lakehouse outback of the mistaken steakhouse. Well then.
I'm a huge fan, and waiting with bated breath for the next Nwar. Waiting with bated breath. Like a worm on my tongue.

danmarkowitz responds:

Haha, thanks. Episode 3 will be out in a couple weeks, but until then there are mini episodes on the YouTube channel!